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Sunday, October 24th, 2010 02:10 pm
So I read An Ever-Fixed Mark by [ profile] imperfectcircle like three weeks ago, and I'm still playing the "Sedoretu that Fandom!" game.

So for those playing along at home, a sedoretu is an idea from the science-fictional planet O, as written by Ursula Le Guin. I think she was trying to poke at the idea that gender and sexual orientation are arbitrary societal constructs. So she went and invented a planet where you marry a man and a woman, but they have to belong to the opposite moiety ("moeity" is like "clan" or "tribe"). There are two moieties, "Morning" and "Evening".

(How Le Guin describes this:)
Note for readers unfamiliar with the planet O:

Ki'O society is divided into two halves or moieties, called (for ancient religious reasons) the Morning and the Evening. You belong to your mother's moiety, and you can't have sex with anybody of your moiety.

Marriage on O is a foursome, the sedoretu — a man and a woman from the Morning moiety and a man and a woman from the Evening moiety. You're expected to have sex with both your spouses of the other moiety, and not to have sex with your spouse of your own moiety. So each sedoretu has two expected heterosexual relationships, two expected homosexual relationships, and two forbidden heterosexual relationships.

The expected relationships within each sedoretu are:

The Morning woman and the Evening man (the "Morning marriage")

The Evening woman and the Morning man (the "Evening marriage")

The Morning woman and the Evening woman (the "Day marriage")

The Morning man and the Evening man (the "Night marriage")

The forbidden relationships are between the Morning woman and the Morning man, and between the Evening woman and the Evening man, and they aren't called anything, except sacrilege.

It's just as complicated as it sounds, but aren't most marriages?

-- Mountain Ways by Ursula le Guin

This is, it turns out, super fun to cross over with my fandoms. (There are, incidentally, recorded instances on O of three women and one dude getting married, but one of the women has to basically culturally become a dude, which, in the books, is just a matter of growing your hair out and wearing different pants, and is not anything like as worrisome as it would be if you tried to get frisky with the wrong moiety. The one's just kind of strange; the other's wrong wrong wrongity oh dear god pass the brain bleach on O.)

So like: Buffy.

Morning: Buffy, Xander
Evening: Willow, and either Spike or Giles depending on if you're more squicked by age differences or the undead. (... I am on Team Giles with this one. Anthony Stuart Head can decline my tenses any time.)

How I Met Your Mother

Morning: Ted, Lily
Evening: Marshall, whoever Ted is carrying on about marrying. (Not having a fourth person to make your sedoretu is a major problem on O, so the story would be "How we met your mother," in which Lily and Ted have to try to meet ladies while Marshall stays at home making pancakes and cheering them on. This would be a pretty great show! Though on O it would have to take place on, like, a goat farm, because it's an agrarian society. There's already a goat and a girlcrush in canon! I defend my thesis!)

Historical Canon King Arthur

Morning: Arthur, Morgaine
Evening: Lancelot, Guinevere

In which the story has 50% less cheating but 100% more moeity-cest.

Harry Potter, canonical
Morning: Harry, Hermione
Evening: Ron, Ginny (They're already pretty much siblings if they're in the same moiety, though by my cultural standards, this sounds awkward).

Harry Potter, idek

Morning: Harry, Hermione
Evening: I don't know, Snape or somebody, and like Luna Lovegood. Whatever, there's lots of flexibility built in to the format.

... I have temporarily run out of fandoms but will probably make further notes as things occur.
Monday, October 25th, 2010 03:14 pm (UTC)
Doctor Who!
Hey wait, could you do this with Les Mis? What with the tragic threesome?