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Wednesday, August 13th, 2014 10:41 am
So remember how I was in love with Shiso and thought Oud Luban was a little much?

I recently tried layering them and

Okay, first, I have come up with an excellent comparison to what Shiso smells like, for people who have not smelled Shiso. There is a part of my morning commute some days where I walk along a five-lane road for a little ways, and it's always very hot and sunny and sort of unpleasant, but there's a driveway halfway along that leads up a hill under a dense green thicket of trees, and there's always a kind of cool green breeze there as the cold air sinks down the hill. That's what Shiso smells like, the cool green-cedary air coming from that green tunnel of leaves.

So Shiso smells like plants and greenness, and it's very richly light and herbal and calm - I'd say almost a little sexless, in a good way. And I layered Oud Luban under it, and wow, as oud does, it dirtied it up and made it project in a way that Shiso doesn't. It's a little intense. It's got presence. Honestly, I'm embarrassingly attracted to my own wrist right now.

After I put this combination on this morning I went and put on a stack of bracelets and a pointless scarf, because I wanted to give the smell something to go with. But first I just sort of smelled myself and giggled for a while. Shiso I love you shiso.


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