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Sunday, August 3rd, 2014 09:18 am
Overall, I loved it, though wow was Gamora ever the Love Interest Strong Female Character. I appreciated that she had family drama etc. and I hope some Thor/Loki style fanon springs up with her and Nebula, but wow the camera spent a lot of time trained on her butt. It annoys me when I can't enjoy a perfectly good superhero butt because of how determined the camera is about Sexy Lady In Combat Heels. May Gamora headcanons be multitudinous, and full of both stories where she and Peter Quill achieve perfect platonic broship, and stories that put Homestuck's reproductive fanon to shame.

Things I loved: space bros! A scrappy band of outcasts finding friendship! Groot! Everything about Groot. Also most things about Rocket; I liked how he was definitely a sentient raccoon, with a raccoon personality and raccoon culture. I feel like he and Peter have a lot in common, as far as being isolated from their natal planet.

I really appreciated that they covered how Ronan gets dressed in the morning and it includes ample powdering so his body armor doesn't chafe. I mean, I imagine that's the soil of the planets he's destroyed, but it's also practical.

A real science fiction galaxy, too, with humans and nonhumans living in a civilization with its own politics and economics and culture. I felt like that enabled the winkiness of the plot; I also enjoyed that the major setpiece of the movie was a group argument. I also am choosing to fully embrace the idea that the humans are largely post-humans who can survive a lot more, by way of handwaving how many people would otherwise have gotten Comic Book Movie Killed.

Though man, can you imagine when Tony Stark has to deal with Xandarian culture? Like, I feel like he can handle being way behind Asgard, technologically: an ancient race of superhumans, basically Gods, science almost indistinguishable from magic blah blah blah he gets it, but to know that there are just planets full of humans whose technology might be so far advanced from his that he's basically been reinventing the wheel his whole life is, you gotta think, going to cause him a moment or two of quiet reflection before he starts gleefully pulling machines to bits to see how they work.

I also really enjoyed how Xandar is basically the Disco Planet, fashion-wise. I would read a lot of worldbuilding fanfiction about Xandar.